Sjekloća „Vranac” Red Wine

The first-class red wine Sjekloća “Vranac” with the appellation of origin is produced in line with the traditional methods from own grapes of the autochthonous sorts “Vranac” (85%) and “Kratošija” (15%). This wine is produced “virgin” - from the free-run (unpressed) natural grape juice (must) and aged for twelve months in 350-litre oak barrels. Its continual premium quality is verified by the excellent results at international wine competitions. This harmonic composition combines the features of the soil, the climate, the sorts and the producer/winery. This wine is intended for real oenophiles, the connoisseurs who recognise and appreciate its quality and origin. The splendid Sjekloća “Vranac” is of beautiful ruby colour, it is clear, has an extraordinary bouquet and nice fruity character. It contains the ideal ratio of extracts, alcohol and acids.

Type: dry

Alcohol: 14% vol.

Bottled in 0.75 l glass bottles with high quality corks

Recommended serving temperature: 18-20o C

It offers particular pleasure when drunk with seasoned cheeses and red meats.

The characteristics of the Sjekloća wine link it to Plutarch’s (Greek/Roman historian) conception of wine:

Among all drinks – it is the most useful

Among all medicines – it is the tastier

Among all foods – it is the most pleasing

When you wish to please yourself or your friends, when you are in company of dear people, a bottle of premium cru Sjekloća wine is without any doubt the right choice.

"Sjekloća" Archive Wines

The Sjekloća family’s winery/cellar archive holds an assortment of red wines dating back to the vintage of 1994. These wines are of dark ruby colour, with the developed bouquet and beautiful “structure”, tasting of fruit and with sophisticated aroma of oak wood. Tannins are integrated in the extracts and together with acids give character to the wine. To be let to “breathe” (uncork/decant) at least one hour before consuming at the temperature of 18-20o C. The archive wines are tasted with respect and served only to wine connoisseurs. Take part in the extraordinary experience of taste and aroma that last for hours after the tasting.


"Sjekloća" Lozova Rakija (Grape Brandy)

The first-class grape brandy Sjekloća with geographic origin is produced in limited quantities from high quality own grapes of the sorts “Vranac” and “Kratošija”, grown in the area of Crmnica, the Podgorica vine-growing region. Distilling of the brandy is done in the traditional way – by the magic of oak wood fire and the hand-made copper still combined with the skill of the one who manages the process of distillation. Its aromatic freshness originates in the pureness of the raw material and in the method of production, that is exclusive and rigorous at each stage of the manufacture - from the harvest through fermentation and distillation to bottling. The traditional technology, specific of the area of Crmnica, contributes to special characteristics of the Sjekloća Grape Brandy.

It is drunk cooled, on any occasion, and usually as an aperitif. Bottles are 0.75 litre in volume.



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